MEGASTROY” sells products for the entire cycle of turnkey construction works: from the Foundation to the roof.

Professional activity of specialists of the company meets the highest requirements of the highly organized market of building materials.

It is focused on continuous updating and expansion of the range. Specialists of the company carry out systematic monitoring of the latest trends and innovations in construction, which allows to reorient to the production and supply of the most modern and popular materials.

“MEGASTROY” supplies the entire range of coal grades, namely:



антрацит 25-50 антрацит 13-25 антрацит 6-13

At the request of the client, the company’s specialists will provide copies of documents confirming the quality of the delivered goods — a certificate of conformity, quality passport, hygiene certificate.

A wide warehouse network allows us to deliver the materials in shortest possible and stipulated time. Delivery of materials directly to the construction site allows construction companies to significantly reduce the costs associated with the storage of materials in the warehouse.